Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

"Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" is a unique take on the classic historical drama genre that combines history with horror to create an imaginative and engaging story. The film, directed by Timur Bekmambetov, follows the life of Abraham Lincoln (Benjamin Walker) as he battles vampires who are trying to take over the United States.

The movie starts with a young Abraham Lincoln witnessing his mother's death at the hands of a vampire, which sets him on a path of vengeance. The film then follows his journey as he becomes a skilled vampire hunter and eventually becomes the 16th President of the United States. The action scenes are well choreographed, and the special effects are impressive, making for an entertaining and visually stunning film.

While the concept of the film may seem absurd, the filmmakers do an excellent job of blending history and fiction seamlessly. The movie is set during the Civil War, and the filmmakers use this backdrop to explore themes of slavery and racism. The vampires in the film are portrayed as slave owners, and Lincoln's fight against them becomes a metaphor for his fight against slavery. This adds depth and meaning to the film, making it more than just a mindless action flick.

The performances in the movie are also noteworthy, with Benjamin Walker delivering a strong performance as Abraham Lincoln. He captures the complexity and humanity of Lincoln, making him a relatable and likable character. The supporting cast, including Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Mary Todd Lincoln and Dominic Cooper as Henry Sturges, also give strong performances that add to the overall quality of the film.

Overall, "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" is a fun and entertaining movie that is well worth watching. It is a unique take on the classic historical drama genre, and the filmmakers do an excellent job of blending history with horror. The action scenes are impressive, the special effects are top-notch, and the performances are strong. It may not be a cinematic masterpiece, but it is a movie that is sure to entertain.